Human desperation

“Most men [people] lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” Henry David Thoreau
Imagine being completely parched for days under the scorching rays of the sun, with barley any water or food to survive by. An oasis appears miles over a sand dune and rushing toward it, the person stops and wonders if it is an oasis or mirage? Running toward the mirage could forsake them, but if it was an actual oasis, the rewards could be endless. This scenario is life and the quote by Thoreau describes the quite internal struggle most people have when analyzing risk and aspirations. The thirst for a meaningful existence burrows deep in all human beings and what the great Thoreau recites so beautifully is the desperate clawing of aspiration at our chest as an unsung melody. Who in their right mind would not risk all glorious sacrifice to accomplish their most passionate of goals? The answer: most people. Although, even in the essence of determination, belief and faith can cringe to ad head to burdening obligations. The responsibilities that tie people to a routine hinder divine success and that routine is so far under the skin, that no matter how dangerously desperate a person might be, they succumb to silent desires. Someone could even argue that although the song and strive may lay dormant in agony, the idea of leading life without enormous happiness is still acceptable to take to the grave. Nonsense, happiness should be an obligation, if not then the almighty pursuit of happiness should be the drive behind a person’s life. The sheer sadness expressed in the contemplation of death before happiness in the quote aches at the heart and rips out sheets of confidence in attitude and ability. It is madness to engulf the spirit of a person in the flames of expectance and routine ideology, filled with tons of weightless excuses. Determination is the message in this quote, the determination to sing aloud those weary, desperate songs of desire and aspiration. However, there is understanding when the obligations and responsibilities someone has outweighed their own internal agendas for success. Suffering in silence, devastatingly aching for an escape from the binds of sociological conformity to appease the masses, people sacrifice happiness more in this way than any other. What the quote hopefully intends to communicate is an understanding of desperation and the grip it has on humanity. Without a doubt the long passed dead would answer regret with a hearty yes.