Bird on a wire

Sometimes if I take the time to slow down enough to think I realize that nothing is really ever more important to my well being than the happiness of the people I care about. Although, I automatically seem to internally make hypothetical choices that would benefit me. Nothing…I mean nothing matters more than family and for those who do not have the traditional “family” setting, I offer friendship and gracious prayers for you to pass the obstacles before you with pure confidence.


12 thoughts on “Bird on a wire

  1. I do love the bird and the moon on opposite ends of the line.

    As to family, some make themselves unhappy because they think only a traditional family counts, when in fact, those we love and care about are our family.

    Cheers to you and 2012,

  2. Your post is a blessing. I love the balance between the dove who sometimes represents peace and the moon who has often been associated with madness. Simple imagery with some profound implications, and I just love it.

  3. The picture itself is wonderful and the compassion you have towards others makes the bird thoughtful as if it represents you and the way you think of others. It is an amazing post all around.

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