Texture Memories

Do you ever just stare blankly at the floor or a wall for deeper thoughts? Recently when I catch myself staring, I take a picture and then edit the photograph according to my mood. Enjoy.

Del Amo mall Bench

Moms house, couch blanket
Fiance’s purse
Medical clinic tile floor
Bathroom rug in front of toilet (I know)
L.A County traffic court wall
Fiance’s Scarf
Outside chipotle, wall
Bathroom wall tile
Chipotle plate
Denny’s Booth wall
Del Amo fashion center Grass
Street palm tree
Mall Cement tile floor


7 thoughts on “Texture Memories

  1. I notice that both of your fiancee’s items that you photographed have things joining together – the latch in the first photo, and the weave in the second. The street palm tree also looks a little like a road map. I’m thinking this would be an excellent modern take on the Rorschach Test.

  2. This was a very creative idea! I started laughing though to think of you just staring at stuff — if it was me, I’d have a blank look on my face and glazed over eyes. Really cool stuff!

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