A war torn marshland left this creature to fend for itself under the blistering wind and destructive toddlers roaming this preserve.


5 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Good description. 🙂

    I like your treatment of the colors; the desaturation makes it feel a little more like a “war zone.” I might’ve desaturated the blue water a smidgen more, ‘cos it detracts from the butterfly, but it’s still really clear that the butterfly is your focal point, so I’m just picking nits.

    Poor butterfly, but a lovely photo!

  2. I like the new “look” of your blog. It is clean and inviting. A good change. Your butterfly is beautiful. 😉

    • Hi Mike, this comment was from me. It posted while I was logging in. Amazing. But I really want you to know it was from a long time follower and not some random person. Your blog is doing well.

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