Wedding Planning



There seems to be a different element in the molecular structure of women regarding the chemical reactions involved when attempting to plan even the smallest wedding. When everything seems to be at it’s most stressful during these times, I find that it is the mans job to concentrate on keeping the brides stress level at a minimum and understand the importance of this single day for them. First and foremost I am a man and a wedding planning activity is about as attractive to me as the blouse section at Forever 21. I have pride and testosterone driving me towards avoidance and isolation when looking at venues and decorations. With the utmost humility I confess that a part of me is very excited and very enthusiastic about this wedding, but the question remained; how to express my feelings lightly while still maintaining my manhood and macho persona? help



4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning

  1. It is a manly act to help. It takes more courage than walking into war. Just remember she will ask a million “which do you like?” Your answer, “Do you have one that pops at you?” Listen to her answer and say, “Wow! That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Manhood saved, macho for being where ever you are and being so supportive. Your finace will be the envy of every woman. There is a huge difference between sissy and romantic.

  2. lol, I’m sure your manhood and macho persona will survive the wedding planning. Just love your bride to be with all your heart because that’s the most macho thing you can do at times like these… Blessings to you both!

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