Insomnia Remedy – Photo & Tips

  • My Traumatic Brain Injury Occupational Therapist gave me a helpful speech that I would love to share with all of you nocturnal insomniacs here. I hope this routine helps and if you want to tweak it feel free to. Disclaimer – I am not a doctor or therapist and you should consult your own physician before trying anything period. Thanks

When you feel like your eyes could not get any heavier and your chest slowly falls and rises with each slow, passing breath you take there comes a moment of pure natural intoxication and relaxation. At this point you should take in a full breath and fill every cubic millimeter inside your lungs and then slowly release your breath with a narrow near-whislte for about 20 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. The next step is to select each of your major muscle groups and tighten those muscles for 15 seconds as hard as you can without strain and then release slowly until relaxation. By this point you should be passing into a deep and wonderful slumber. You are welcome. 

  • PS : Try and play in the background some relaxing nature soundtracks, not music because the lyrics and instruments can distract you.

Best Cartoon T.V Dad – Poll

There seem to be some amazing new insights on proper parenting these days and I would love to weigh in and say that shutting the T.V off when any of these vivid “dads” show up is not really a good idea. Although it may fall dead center in some dark humor and bad decision-making skills these cartoons aren’t that dangerous and I hope  you give your kids something great to grow up on! Let me know which is your favorite, based on these three factors:

  • comedic value
  • irony
  • realistic issues
  • coolness
  • entertaining

Stan Smith

Homer Simpson

Peter Griffin

Hank Hill