Best Cartoon TV Dad? : Poll

There seem to be some amazing new insights on proper parenting these days and I would love to weigh in and say that shutting the T.V off when any of these vivid “dads” show up is not really a good idea. Although it may fall dead center in some dark humor and bad decision-making skills these cartoons aren’t that dangerous and I hope you give your kids something great to grow up on! Let me know which is your favorite, based on these three factors:

  • comedic value
  • irony
  • realistic issues
  • coolness
  • entertaining

Stan Smith

Homer Simpson

Peter Griffin

Hank Hill

Weird look, Weird thoughts – Southern Gerenuk

why are you here? why are you just staring at me? do you know my name? what is my name? I wonder what is around the corner from here, where I hear the roar of lions and bears. I wonder what could be over the hills and over the skies where my kind came from. This grass is so good, and this shade is a god send in the summer. I’m glad I don’t have to run from the bad cats anymore or ever and I am so happy to have all my family here with me with these weird humans always checking up on us.

  • Conservation is a serious feat and even with the sometimes sad reality of having these wonderful creatures in captivity, we all need to understand the vast benefits of research and conservation through the zoological community.

(from the Los Angeles Zoo website )

Southern Gerenuk
Scientific Name: Litocranius walleri
Fast Fact:

  • Gerenuk means ‘giraffe-necked’ in the Somali language.
  • Although these beautiful and graceful antelopes were not known to European scientists until 1898, they have been represented in ancient Egyptian art since 5600 B.C.

STATUS: Gerenuks are common, but declining in number because they are hunted for their skins. They are listed as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).