I’m Back to blogging!

dear followers, friends and other blog dweller a lot has happened since iv’e last been an active poster.

I bought a home, got married and now my wife is pregnant.

We are so happy and very excited. I have put the photography business to the side and replaced that time for capturing memories just like i used to!

thank you all for the support!

– mike


this is  aphoto of my beautiful wife april in the woodlands of Missouri

april ortiz

4 thoughts on “I’m Back to blogging!

  1. A friend and I will be in Cortona on September 1, 2011 and we will be syating for two weeks. We are so looking forward to this trip and would like any help from people who live there or have been there. We wil probably travel by train and bus most of the time, but we may rent a car for a day or two. Everything is pretty much open right now. We have our loging and that is it. I’m wondering about Euro Pass. Is it cheaper to buy before we leave the states or does it matter? Looking forward to all responses

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