Debunking pro photography



We would love to be able to say that only a true photographer can make a nice image by only using the best equipment. Unfortunately, the iPhone debunks that myth. Along with some clever editing, you can make any photo of household items look genuinely professional.

For example, I took these photos with my iPhone 4S and edited them on my iPad mini with the photogene app.

I hope you all can find some fun new creative ways to express your editing skills.

2 thoughts on “Debunking pro photography

  1. I totally agree! Good gear is awesome if you have it (and I have some, although none of it is pro), but there’s not much stopping anyone from creating interesting, pleasing photos and having fun with the medium. I adore my iPhone for allowing me to take quick shots in places where my big bulky camera would get me run out of the place, or draw too much attention to say the least. And with photoediting programs like Snapseed (one of my favorites) you can do so much with them to ‘disguise’ the fact that they’re just phone pics. Great post.

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