MXO Woodworking : a family business

My wife and I have recently been overwhelmed with support of our new business and we love it. We want all of my followers to know that we are very great flu for all of your orders and inquiries. If you have not yet looked up our shop, please do, we would love to have one of our pieces in your business or home.

Simple, hand-crafted rustic and vintage home decor and furnishings. We design and manufacture unique and rustic themed items for weddings, businesses, home, events and other various uses. From our natural reclaimed, distressed, rustic wood chalkboards in the a-frame style and framed chalkboard styles, to our reclaimed, distressed rustic farmhouse tables. We take pride in all of our work and hope to provide the best possible customer service. We also do custom work: fireplace mantles, desks, reception desks, benches, signs, breakfast tables, bookshelves and much more! We also do custom work, basically anything you can find on Pinterest or on a blog you like we can make into your own personal piece. Thank you for your interest, please browse and check out our website for more info! – MXO