About Me

Welcome to my Blog –

My name is Michael Ortiz , I write and photograph. I label none of my work because it is meant to be shared. 

Email – mikexortiz@gmail.com

52 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My post got lost….But wow, thanks for being my 1st blog follower. I Love your work, I can see your passion, which I got to say, I really love.
    I am wondering the flamingos are they real??? I have never seen such a bizarre looking bird!!!!LOL
    I shall be watching your amazing work with much gratitude and enthusiasm~ So happy to have met You!!!!!!
    Nicole Kanofski

  2. I’m not one to do these Award things, but there are some blog sites like yours I enjoy so much, I wanted to recognize you as others have recognized me. I know you’ve been recognized with awards, but I’m recognizing you again on my blog with the Reader Appreciation Award. Your site is definitely one of my favorites. You can view the award at http://rcnormanphoto.com/2012/06/07/thanks-for-blogger-awards. No need to follow the silly rules — it’s the recognition that’s important. — Rob

  3. Mike, thanks for sharing your photos/essay on Iraq. You have an incredible gift with expressing yourself in words and pictures. Your essay provided me a glimpse of the hell you endured, the impossible fear, and the grief that reshapes us all. Thank you for your service, your courage, your honesty, and for sharing your experience here. — Rob

  4. Hey there! Thank you for following 20 Lines (anexerciseindiscipline.wordpress.com). Come back often. I invite you to share your photography with us over there, so let me know if you’re interested. Cheers! — Melissa

  5. Thanks for stopping by Onelifethislife and liking my latest post! I am so glad you stopped by. You have a nice blog here. I am looking forward to reading/viewing your post and photos.

  6. hey mike,
    I just wanted to inform you that last week I came across a link on your page in regards to the American solider Michael Behenna, who has been wrongfully imprisioned, and just let you know, that over the next few weeks we are arranging a civil gathering in the heart of our city (Hamilton Ontario) to raise awareness of the situation this mans family has encountered and to spread his story though out Canada. I am also requesting media coverage from our local television station of this gathering. I have made contact with his family and informed them of this , and have agreed to keep in touch with them, so they can see that their sons story is being made known even accross Canada. Thank you for providing this link on your site. I will spread the word and try to make a difference.

  7. Not sure if my comment posted so here goes:
    Enjoyed your blog and your photos are great. I thoroughly enjoyed the nature and art section. I will be coming back to continue reading more and ‘thank you’ for serving our country and sharing some of your memories with us.
    Be well,

  8. Great blog. I especially enjoyed your photographs particularly nature and the art sections. Thank you for serving our country so that we can enjoy what we have now. Continue with your blog, it definitely will have me coming back to keep reading.

    Have a great day,

  9. Hi Mike,

    My wife Sylvia and I have known your father for several years now and he told me about your website. He is very proud of you and judging from this site he has every reason to be. Your eye for photography is amazing, I am very impressed. I am also a veteran (USMC 1959 – 1965) and although I have not been in combat, I have traveled to several Far East countries and have experienced some of the abject poverty that you have obviously also been exposed to. I have found that if you treat people with respect they will for the most part return that same respect to you. Thank you for your service. SALUTE (Semper Fi)

  10. Thank you for visiting my photoblog and for subscribing. I’m enjoying your photographs and I really appreciate your attitude about your work. Thank you! I’m going to link to your blog on mine, if you don’t mind. Great photographs!!!


  11. Thanks for checking out the post! Hope to have you come back! I will be perusing your blog as well. Good luck in everything you do!

  12. thank you for liking my photo!:D i’m also an amateur photographer. I roamed around your gallery and found some great shots:D it’s great that you appreciate art and literature:] keep it up.:]

  13. Micheal,
    thanks for your Like – you have something to say… – in photography and beyond. Very nice / different approach!! I once travelled in the middle east (Iran, Afghanistan and far beyond to Nepal) but under total different cicumstances….(there are a couple of post about it on my blog)
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Thanks for liking my post on the female Kestrel. I tried to check out your blog from there, but it only sent me to your gravatar, which didn’t have a link back to here. You should link your gravatar to your blog so that people whose blogs you have visited can find you more easily. If you need a hand doing so, let me know.

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