Three Pictures I Almost Deleted




I’m Back to blogging!

dear followers, friends and other blog dweller a lot has happened since iv’e last been an active poster.

I bought a home, got married and now my wife is pregnant.

We are so happy and very excited. I have put the photography business to the side and replaced that time for capturing memories just like i used to!

thank you all for the support!

– mike


this is  aphoto of my beautiful wife april in the woodlands of Missouri

april ortiz

Hot Dogs, palm trees, and ocean breeze

The wife and I decided to take a stroll down by the beach in Redondo. The waves were pretty cold but the hot dogs were hot n ready. We took some time to chit chat about our new home and what we were going to decorate and improve upon. I am super stoked that we figured out a way to unglue our eyes from the television. Praise the lord for California!