Norco Rodeo, CA 2012

Weekly Poll – Superheroes

  • This poll targets men and tomboy women I guess ( don’t be offended ) Tomorrow I will be posting a similar poll, but with the top women superheroes. In this list you have here there are some alien, rich, poor, weird and awesome superheroes that deserve every bit of attention as the last so i will contribute to your decision with a pro and con list for every superhero here.


Pro – Every single power he has

 Con – His weakness is a green rock and he needs the sun to recharge


Pro – He is wealthy and a ladies man

Con – He has no powers

Green Lantern

Pro – The ability to use that ring for anything

Con – Weaknesses are wood and the color yellow


  Pro – Spidey sense, superhuman strength, the web thingy

Con – Lives with his aunt , sucks with chicks


Pro – God of thunder with a sick ass hammer

Con – His own brother betrays him ( trust issues )


Pro – Adamantium … look it up

Con – Horrible love life, PTSD, Memory loss, Magneto


 Pro – Like Batman, rich, and sick suit

Con – No powers whatsoever

Warrior Poet: don’t criticize what you can’t understand

Sgt. Adam Kohlhaas & Sgt. Steven Christofferson KIA Bayji, Iraq APR/21/2008

For them:

All along the eastern shore
Some of these kids make me feel poor
And every time I try to leave
The flag pulls so hard on my sleeve
Bullets rain down from the sky
Never knew I could sink so high
Blind and guilty is my name
Honest men put me to shame
Those we save are far and few
Not enough to be thanked by you
Give me purpose give me strength
God is listening for short lengths
When I pass let it be heard
All we thought of was one word
Mother mother hear my cry
When these people ask me why
Blood and tears both pour out now
Trying to feel but don’t know how
This fight has gone on for too long
It’s time to stop this unsung song
I leave my thoughts to you now
I ask forgiveness and you ask how
Don’t forget the ones who died
They will linger by my side
And when you ask about their lives
I recall their last short cries
These men these soldiers these strong few
Died hard and brave and true
– Michael X Ortiz