What is driving you?

by Michael Ortiz

How much of what you say and do is vastly derived from the expectations of others? Besides the basic social requirements to interact, what leads you into the moments you feel least like yourself? Now the ultimate question is, do you mind?

  • Two ways to look at it:
  1. Accept it and continue on with your life – This option is for those of you who have found it comforting to interact and relate to people through positive influence and reaction. The idea being that you contribute as much of your own ideas as you receive. There is nothing wrong with letting people and ideas influence your character and thought process as long as the ideas and actions that are raised in response by you are your own.
  2. Contest it and attempt to derive original thoughts by being completely abstract and critical about everything. It sounds complicated but I believe it to be very simple: Try to understand what the people around you are doing on any conceivable level, this is for you meticulous people out there. Criticize and question every thought and idea until you can comfortably grasp it’s effect on you and the people around you. Just be warned that when you complicate even the smallest situation it becomes a bit of a strain, not only on your responses and interactions but on your overall emotional state.
  • When under pressure you revert back to a very primitive response; isolation, over-reaction, violence, depression, calmness and a few other simple, yet complicated emotional responses.
  • The next time you find yourself under pressure, record your reactions and emotions in detail and let the entire episode pass before analyzing the results. After a few times compare the data and attempt to isolate the emotions and reactions you are not happy with and the emotional responses and actions you wish you could have expressed. Then the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, attempt to express them in a healthy manner that does not harm yourself or others.
  • I am not a psychologist I just wanted to share what has worked for me in the past. Maybe with some small bit of this exercise you can lessen the level of stress in your life.